Greatest Dc Comics runs

I want to know what are some of the best Dc comic runs we should all be enjoying. My suggestions:

JLA by Grant Morrison

Green Lantern by Ron Marz

Aquaman by Peter David

Supergirl by Peter David

Flash by Mark Waid

Nightwing by Chuck Dixon

Superman by Grant Morrison

Impluse by Mark Waid

Green Arrow by Kevin Smith

Batman by Denny O’neil

Justice League by Joe Kelly


New Teen Titans/New Titans by Marv Wolfman

Legion of Super-Heroes by Paul Levitz

Justice League International/America/Europe by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis

All-Star Squadron/Infinity, Inc. by Roy Thomas

Outsiders by Mike W. Barr

Wonder Woman by George Perez

Young Justice by Peter David

Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

Green Arrow by Mike Grell

The Question by Dennis O’Neil


Oh and…

Suicide Squad by John Ostrander


@LeonardoMyst so much yes on Grells longbow hunters and Alan Moores swamp thing!!! I am a big fan of jeph loeb long Halloween to add to these great lists.


forgot some

Dectective comics by Rucka

Batman/Superman by Jeph Loeb

thanks for the ideas fellas gonna check out Young Justice by David


Hmm… Several of my recommendations have already been listed but here are the others I could come up with:

Birds of Prey by Chuck Dixon

Birds of Prey by Gilbert Hernandez

Birds of Prey by Gail Simone

(Alright, alright, Hernandez’s run is just OK, but it’s not that long and the art is great. My point is it’s an awesome series the whole way through.)

JLA by Mark Waid

Titans by Devin Grayson (Just stay away from her Nightwing run. It starts really strong and then sucker-punches you with badness.)

Detective Comics by Chuck Dixon

Robin by Chuck Dixon

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Kingdom come
Dark knight returns
V for Vendetta
Sandman by Gaiman
Batman by Neil Adams
Swamp thing -Wrightson
Swamp Thing -Moore
Doom patrol - Morrison

Green arrow rebirth by benjamin percy was pretty good too

Batman by synder and capullo was great

Wonder woman by azzerrello and chang

Hawkman by johns and rags and sook