Great Justice League Stories

I’m looking for some great Justice League stories since I have a little amount of them, so what are some good recommendations for Justice League stories read.


I’m partial to these-


@BatmanFan2007, @TheTerrificToyman posted two wonderful JLA offerings. Definitely read those books. Also, if I may add a suggestion from my 50 plus year love affair with The Justice League of America, by all means, start with JLA #68 Denny O’Neil’s first contribution to the League and keep going right on through the end of the Silver Age and into the fantastic Bronze Age issues. It was at this point in the run of Vol#1 that characterization and nuance was added to the mix effectively transforming the iconic book into the best DC read of the period. This is the classic “satellite era” of the JLA where epic stories and crossovers were flying fast and furious each and every month. What a time to be reading comics!!!


I have used and looked up lists of the greatest justice league stories and constantly realize I do not like any of these. Most of the lists show their big stories, and I much prefer their more personal stories.

The one big one I really like is Justice League of America (1960-) #29 where The Justice League and JSA team up to face The Crime Syndicate.

Not on this site, but I love the Virtue and Vice crossover.’s storyline introducing Jessica Cruz and Batman vs Lex.

If you count spinoffs then Justice League of America (2013-2015) is my favorite Justice League comic series.


Is this her origin story? Cuz I’ve been looking for this. :eyes:

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Awesome! Thanks! Adding it to my reading list. :grin:


Just looking at the Covers

My favorite stories

Brave and Bold 30
Case of the Stolen Super Powers
First comic I bought

Justice League 2
JLA In Magic Land

21 22 Crisis on Earth One

29 30 Crisis on Earth 3

100 102 Seven Soldiers od Victory

107 108 Earth X JLA JSA fight Nazis on Earth X

110 ‘Seven Little Indians’ type story, against the Key
Perfect team
Green Arrow
Black Canary
Red Tornado
John Stewart GL

GA AND BC are the heart and soul of the team, are very versatile

The best thing about Current Bendis run.

140 to 150 Steve Englehart

184 185 George Perez
JLA and JSA on Apokolips

Grant Morrison JLA