Great interview with Nafessa Williams (Thunder on Black Lightning) 🌈

And yes, a crossover with Supergirl would be super! Hopefully Crisis on Infinite Earths makes it possible!


Just read that article this morning. After chatting with some lovely gentlemen behind me (of which none of us had watched Black Lightening) I began to wonder why… After getting stuck in LA for a couple days past my intentions, I had the time & tools to take a gander. Black Lightening was so enjoyable! Finished it in 4 days! The people need a crossover & Supergirl w/ Thunder is the Perfect way to do it! :woman_superhero:


would love that, too, especially for Supergirl, since family is the core strength of Black Lightning (the show and the character) and Kara and company could really use a role model in that regard

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I hope the CWVERSE COIE aligns all the shows into the same earth. Get Supergirl and company on earth one & make Black Lightning and official part of the CWVERSE earth one continuity. So far BL has been in a bubble, it’s never been made clear what earth-number it’s on.

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