Great deal on DC Blu-Rays & DVDs at Target

I just went to my local Target and they have a lot of DC movies on Blu-Ray/DVD for great prices. I came home with the following for a total of $72!

‘The Dark Knight Trilogy - Special Edition’
‘Suicide Squad - Extended Cut’
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition’
‘V for Vendetta’
‘Watchmen - Director’s Cut’

‘Superman The Movie’
‘Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut’
‘Superman III’
‘Superman IV: The Quest for Peace’
‘Superman Returns’

That’s 13 movies for an average of $5.50 per movie. To own them! No more worries about whether or not they will be on DC Universe, or Netflix, or Hulu, or…you own them forever. Plus a lot of these are special editions with tons of extra content.

This was not all they had, either. Just a heads up post that there are great deals at Target if you’re looking to stock up your DC movie collection. I do not work for Target, they didn’t pay me to post this - I’m just a DC fan that got a good deal and wanted to share it with other DC fans so they could take advantage of the opportunity.


As Vroom would say as Alan Rickman said, “By Grabthar’s hammer, what a savings!” Wow! Thanks for sharing! How much did they pay you to take a copy of BvS?


HA! If I was going to make them pay me to take something off their hands it would have been Superman III. I’ll gladly watch anything with Gal Gadot in it.


@FelixLeiter Thank you for letting us know. Those are great deals. Are any 4K DC titles on sale, or DVD and Blu-ray only?

@biff_pow Hee hee, you know me well!


Only problem for me is the Target in the area close down

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@vroom - Not sure but I believe 4K DC titles were also on sale. I don’t have a 4K player/TV but I believe I saw some on sale. Worth checking out!

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@animalperson - Maybe try Target online to see if the deals exist there as well?

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