Great Comic Series With Bad Endings

Hey everyone. As some of you might know, I have recently finished the Impulse comics. While I loved the series, the ending was kind of a let-down for me.

So now a new question has arisen:

What other comic series, if any, have you guys had this same experience with?


Justice Society volume 3 after Johns left.

Hawkman volume 4 after Johns left.

Justice League United after one storyline.

The recent Shazam series for the final issue.


Birds of Prey, original run - after Dixon’s wacky fun with slow burn character connection, Simone’s masterpiece of character development, and McKeever’s building off of Simone’s foundation, Bedard’s run drove the characters into the ground, so much so that Bryan Q. Miller had to spend the first arc of Steph’s Batgirl run recovering Barbara’s character, and Simone’s second Birds of Prey run started on extremely shaky ground (though to be fair, Death of Oracle didn’t do anything particularly good with the team, sadly).
Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey is still perhaps my favorite long run, the first run of comics I fell in love with, and I’m so incandescently thrilled it’s being reprinted. But man does that ending by Bedard sting.


Batgirl 2016… Rebirth had some ups and downs, but I just disliked the end (issue 50) so much. It seems like the series just floated in a parallel universe with similar but different events to both the other Bat books and even earlier Batgirl stories, then Babs yells at people, who were shot in the head and mind controlled multiple times over for actions he seemed to be fighting whilst still mind controlled… At least this all this seems to be ignored in the current books, and I think the writer even said the series diverged.

Aquaman 2016… It actually got to the point that I didn’t care about the wedding. The characters were ruined for me when Arthur wanted to run from a baby and Mera rage killed him… then they avoid talking like pouty children, Orm reverts to a moustache twirler, and everyone pretends dissolving a monarchy is a nice simple solution to political strife. Perhaps the new series addresses some of these dislikes, but gah. Talk about going from regal and heroic to deadbeat and lame…


I’m going to go with a Marvel example: Old Man Logan. The original miniseries was doing some really fascinating things, until it veered into a Hulk incest finale.


Wait, what happened? No, don’t tell me…

If we’re going Marvel, I’ll jump to movies and say the end of Endgame for Cap. Ruined my favorite corner of the franchise.


This is your daily reminder that Gotham City Sirens was a one time deal. Once it ended, that was it. That was the series, and they haven’t been the GCS since. The only time they bring up the GCS, it’s a nod reference.

That’s my TED Talk y’all.

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Yeah, sadly, Batgirl’s final arc was really painful to read. I didn’t mind Aquaman quite as much, though I did feel that the final issue felt rushed and unfocused.


Superboy fell off an even bigger cliff at the time when Joe Kelly and Jimmy Palmiotti/ Dan Didio came in to finish that series.

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Yeah, technically my biggest issue with Aqua man didn’t happen in the final issue, so I stretched the “bad ending” criteria a bit.


Superman / Wonder Woman. Maybe not “bad” - but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The ending of the series just didn’t seem to fit the overall storyline. I feel like they could’ve had the same ultimate ending, but gotten there in a way that felt more natural with the way the characters were written in the earlier issues of the story.


A Favorite Wonder Woman story arc is by J. Michael Straczynski,

Wonder Woman 601 to 604 .

The first arc is incredible. She is young and alone, with amnesia, possessing only a fraction of her powers and none of her weapons, and she is being hunted.

And she looks great in pants

When he left, the stories went downhill immediately.

One example is
She suddenly has an apartment
With other Amazons!

Then New 52 happens


Talon, for sure. It had a logical end point and then went on for a few issues more, feeling almost like filler.

Jurgens awesome Action Comics run felt like it got cut short cause they wanted Bendis to run all the super-books :roll_eyes:

And yes, I’m gonna say it…Hush had a bad ending.


Identity Crisis.


I wish I would’ve thought of that one. Great choice!


Justice League of America’s Vibe
Eternity Girl
World of Krypton

I was all in with EX MACHINA and then the end just ended annnd…pfft. I even tried a reread, nuthin,flat.

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really? I’ve heard great things about it, but i’ve never actually read it. maybe I’ll give it a look, and hope that i remember not to have my hopes up for the end?

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the ending of Cassandra Cain batgirl, it obliterated character development, the writting took a nosedive, and it made me so mad


I have to admit, I also didn’t enjoy that last arc.