Graphic Audio DC Books

Have you heard of or listened to the DC audio books made at Graphic Audio? I’m listening to Green Lantern Sleepers and it is awesome! DC you all should either incorporate this material in the DCU or produce some more of your own. Podcast have taken off and are leading another golden age of audio. Your material would do so well as audio with good direction and production value.

What do you all think?



Deffinately audible has some good ones as well marvel created a wolverine one that’s on sticher that DC could deffinately do with some of its ips

I picked them up when they were part of a Humble Bundle, still need to give them a listen.

I have read the book versions of Dead White and Inferno. Dead White was far more memorable, though I don’t remember Inferno being bad.

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Sounds like a great idea

When do the audio versions come out?

When does it officially come out?

Have any of you ever listen to the Kingdom Come audiobook on YouTube? It’s actually pretty well done, cast is great, the filler bits in between scenes is nice and adds a little more to the story.