Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers

Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory is one of my very favorite things of his. The ambition and execution of this magnum opus was stunning when it was originally released and remains so to this day.

For those unaware, this story consists of seven four issue mini-series that are bookended by two issues of Seven Soldiers of Victory. Here’s a list of everything (all content is available in the Comics section):

-Seven Soldiers of Victory #0 (where the story begins)
-Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer
-Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein
-Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy
-Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian
-Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle
-Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight
-Seven Soldiers: Zatanna
-Seven Soldiers of Victory #1 (conclusion)

Bulleteer, Mister Miracle and Zatanna are my favorites of the lot.

Have you read Seven Soldiers of Victory and if so, what’d you think?


Seven Soldiers was one of the few books I felt inclined to make an index for when it came out.

It and Rann/Thanagar War had me excited about DC at the time.

Seven Soldiers is definitely one of my favourite Morrison series. I’m normally a big Scott Free fan, but I really loved seeing Shilo in the Mister Miracle role, and Frankenstein ended up spawning one of the better series of the New 52. I really need to re-read it, in publication order (the last time I read it I went through each miniseries #1-4 instead of staggering them the way they came out in stores).

The page I had up for Seven Soldiers.
Includes the original solicits, the issues listed in order of publication, solicited covers, and promo material from Previews, Wizard Magazine and DC Comics’ Horizon flyer.

I have to be honest, I didn’t like it. I can usually follow along with Morrison, but I read this and had no idea what happened after. Too meta for me.

I happened across SS randomly. In 2005, I saw SSOV #0 on the Three Month Wall (as they called it) at my comic store, flipped through it, thought “This looks cool.” and added it to my stack o’ books for the week.

Then I bought each mini and SSOV #1 as they came out. JLA and Seven Soldiers were the things that really cemented my interest in Morrison’s writing.