Grant Morrison Talks about creating Doom Patrol's Crazy Jane

With DC Universe’s Doom Patrol winning new fans with every episode, plenty of folks have been captivated by the enigmatic Crazy Jane, as played by Diane Guerrero. Burdended with dissociative identity disorder (or DID), each of Kay Challis’ 64 extra personalities famously possesses its own super power. While some of these personalties – such as Sun Daddy, Hammerhead, Baby Doll, Penny Farthing – have been revealed in the show, many more remain a mystery. We recently spoke with comic legend Grant Morrison about his run on the Doom Patrol comic. Here’s what the writer had to say about creating the ever-popular Jane…

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I <3 Jane.


I only knew her from her Secret Six appearances before. But on the TV series anyway she has become my favorite character alongside Negative Man. Although I love all five of the heroes in the show… such a great series.


I’m really loving the show it’s the best one as of yet can’t wait too see what else you guys and gals blow ours minds with love Jane


This is so interesting. Just read the article, very cool to see the inspiration.

Is it next Friday yet… ? :’)


I am so happy that finally a character with something I can really relate to…I DONT MIND WATCHING HER BABY ANTICS EITHER… sorry about that…to get back to what “i” was saying Doom Patrol is officially my favourite group of heroes…MINE AS WELL!!!