Grant Morrison’s The Green Lantern

So very weird, so very Morrison - I really dug The Green Lantern #1. Liam Sharp’s art is amazing (very Bernie Wrightson) the story is bizarre (currently re-reading GM’s Doom Patrol, which compared to that, GL is pretty mellow) & very 70s sci-fi. I haven’t read GL since Blackest Night - this was way different but fun. Wonder what other folks thought?


I liked it alot. Eager for more.


I enjoyed it. I thought Floozle Flem, the virus Lantern, was great.

Coming from Venditti’s Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp into Morrison’s book felt clumsy, but it also makes it a good jumping on point for new readers. No need to go back and read the 50 preceding issues.

I’m looking forward to issue 2.


Remember…Floozle Flem catches you.


I’m not sure what to think about it at this point. The first half of it was typical of the sort of nonsensical stuff I associate with Grant Morrison. He’s written things that I like and others that I did not. I’ll try to give it a few issues before I make up my mind to keep it on my pull list or not. I found the art to be interesting looking at least.

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Very solid issue, looking forward to seeing where he goes.


Rarely disappointed with Grant Morrison, I thought it was excellent excited to see where it can grow.