Grant Morrison’s animal man

I want to read this. I saw it when I first joined the dc universe but it’s gone now. Does anyone know why? Also I wish you could search by published year.

Animal.Man by Grant Morrison was in the the Library but DC Comics, the actual publisher of the comic book.asked that it be removed because it is marketed as a Vertigo Title, even though these issues were not published as such and included characters such as Martian Manhunter and Hawkman.

In general Vertigo Titles are not allowed in the library per the agreement between DC Univedse and DC Comics, which are separate entities.

The only except is if the main character appeared in Original Content Video here.

That is why we have Swamp Thing and Doom.Patrol comics by Alan Moore and Grant Mortison.even though these titles are marketed as Vertigo, even though there were not Vertigo at the time of publication.


Wow you know your stuff. I hope they work something out. Thanks for the fast response.