Grant Morrison & Ezra Miller

Just my two cents, Miller was no good in JL. That’s to say his acting was fine, buy his portrayal of the flash imo was a tad too manic. When I think Flash I think resolve, confidence, determination etc. He only portrays that in the JL scene where he shows his dad he got hired and in the dream sequence in BvS . Other than that he came off as a bumbling nervous wreck, same as Lex Luthor in BvS and JL as an unhinged quack as compared to Kevin Spacey’s great representation.

Those differences being said, I personally enjoy the daker take, but approve of the lighter tone for movies going forward and think is Miller can pull off the Dark Flashpoint then I’d be game.

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Let’s be clear, there is no quote that I’ve seen from Ezra proclaiming the want for “darkness”. The film pundit industry labels anything serious that is based on a comic as “dark”. MoS was supposedly a “Dark take on Superman” yet it was tonally in line with the comics, imo. Until I see it disproven, “dark” is the reporters words, not Ezra. I think somewhat serious is probably what they’re going for. It’s probably what he signed up for all those years ago.


I dont think its happening ther wa not enough praise for him in JL like Momoa and Gal/Ben.

Also I dont like him either but I think he is getting cut/out for sure. Trying to move on from most of Zacks vision or charachters.

I liked Ezra and the connection that he and Cyborg had. It was enjoyable. Could he be a bit more mature? Yeah. But I think that is what he actually wants for the character.

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