Grand Master of DC

Even with the numerous barehanded fighters in DC be they meta human or not there are only two who can truly contend for the title of the Best. Richard Dragon (who for some reason doesn’t have a tag or a encyclopedia on this site)and the Karate Kid. Which one do you think is the real grand master martial artist in DC comics and why?

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Karate Kid. By a lot actually. His strikes can level mountains and he’s bodied kryptonians.

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I wanted to say Black Canary, but Karate Kid is kind of inarguable.


Sorry guys, I would pur my money on Lady Shiva with Slade running a close yet clearly defined second.

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Karate Kid. That Karate Kid kicking Darkseid in the face is panel is one of my favorites.

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Karate kid.


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Does Karate Kid exist anymore?

Ra’s al Ghul or Wonder Woman.

There’s a lot, but it’s prob batman, he’s so critical and deep in his processing of fights

Lady Shiva. She’s the absolute best fighter in the DCU. Batman trainer with her. Says a lot.

Karate Kid. He can scope out a person’s weak spot. Always gives him the upper hand.

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I can’t believe all of you have forgotten about the most absolutely dangerous, hands down most ferocious and skilled fighter in the DCU…

Arm Fall Off Boy!


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