Gotta pout a moment. %&@#*@ zombies

I don’t have much to do lately while trying to keep my mind occupied, so my anxiety level stays at a simmer. (Being diagnosed with cancer recently has thrown me for a loop emotionally)

I’ve been reading some of the newer comics, and was excited to finally see one of my long time favorite characters appear. Everyone who knows me well on here knows that Atom Smasher has been my favorite clear back since he was known as Nuklon in Infinity Inc.

Can I chase the writers of DCeased with a pool noodle?

My favorite character finally returns after a decade…

Just to get zombiified a few pages later

So not fair :sob:


Hey. Hope you are doing well amidst your latest news. I remember when I was diagnosed. I was taking a few days off from work and I got a call from the surgeon. All i heard was “BlahBlahBlah cancer BlahBlahBlah colostomy BlahBlahBlah”.

Prior to this, I had an appointment with my gastro who looked at my butt and said “I don’t like this. you need to see the colorectal surgeon.” As it happened, I already had an appointment with said surgeon. And he said, “My Spidey senses are tingling. I don’t like this.” One (or more) biopsy later…

So I told you all that to tell you when i got back to work and asked “How was your vacation?” All I wanted to say was “Great! I was diagnosed with cancer.” It’ll be eleven (11) years next month since my colostomy was installed. It is also not blurred because I am open about it and have been righteous with it ever since. I was more open when I first got it because it was about coping: “Hi, would you like to meet my colostomy?” I also like to say that I caught cancer, but not many people challenge me on that. Alas.

And I’m always available in PM. Discord not so much because I don’t open the app very much, but one (1) heads up and I can be there. I realize this thread is more Atom Smasher than your stupid cancer, but I wanted to share and help you cope. And maybe ease your pain about A.S.

Specter’s attack on Al did this.

Black Vengeance is such a great storyline.