Gotham's Bane makes me long for Schumacher's take

That is some seriously awful design. I truly long for a really buff dude talking like a pokemon compared to this Rammstein rendition. Du hast mich? Ja. Ich hast du.


The Schumacher version is as close to the character’s original design as we’ll ever get. If you combined that take with Tom Hardy’s, you’d basically have the perfect Bane.


Same here. Most accurate to date



Remove the green skin and tone down the vein color and muah…magnific!

Still way better than Nolan’s and this dude though

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I think it was io9 who said it looks like a Mortal Kombat character throwing up a Terminator. :rofl: I don’t disagree

The gotham “bane” isnt bane. It is bane’s father. That’s why it’s not avcurate.

Yes bane on Gotham looks horrible just hope the batsuit is great

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