So, forgive me if I missed any announcements but does anyone know when and if Gotham will be added here now that it is over?

Also, what’d you think of Gotham? The execution of the concept, the storylines, characters, etc … How’d they do?


Not sure if it will be added but…

I’m one of the people who loved it. Keep in mind that I’m not too worried about ‘canon’ lore accuracy when it comes to live action DC stuff.

A few here really hated it.

I found the casting and character arcs some of the best in DC shows and movies period. Barbara Kean’s story specifically was amazing. The evolution of characters is great and Hugo Strange got some recognition :slight_smile:


Gotham is a Netflix exclusive after it airs on FOX. So unlikely anytime soon.

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I didn’t think Gotham was particularly good, but that didn’t stop me from binge watching it.

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Now that Gotham has finished it’s series run the Netflix deal might be over, if so it could end up anywhere

Netflix has the rights to the entire series. They will still get the final season this Fall. We don’t know the full length of the contract though. It could end in 2020 or 2021.

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As others have said it’s all tied up in the Netflix deal. That being said, GOTHAM was one of my favorite live action TV shows.

So, Gotham is no longer on Hulu? Only Netflix from now on?