Is anyone watching Gotham? Only one episode left and I think I will miss it. I really have enjoyed Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin. He makes gumption a nefarious weapon. I’ll always love Burgess Merideth. That man got me hooked on Faulkner when I heard him read a bit of it on the radio, but Taylor is a close second. I will also miss Cory Michael’s Riddler.

Is there room for a sequel series? Say another Batman show? Probably not going to happen, but I thought I would throw it out there.


I’ve been watching Gotham since the pilot. I’ll admit, the show didn’t find its groove for me until it’s second season. Once they brought in Hugo Strange, that’s when things really got interesting.

People complain about all these villains showing up before Bruce becomes Batman (a similar complaint people used to love to throw at Smallville) but I always think of this show as its own universe. This how is things played out HERE on this Earth. I know a lot of people were upset this wasn’t a direct adaptation of Gotham Central, so they dismissed it immediately, which is a shame because Gotham has been a lot of fun.

I’ll be sad to see it go but I’m interested to see how the finale plays out.

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Despite some DC fans not agreeing with direction or just hating it for no other reason than “It’s not canon lore, so why watch it?”, people would be lying if they didn’t admit that Gotham had some of the best acting talents in any DC show/movie out there.

I can only imagine that Tim Burton LOVES watching Gotham as it seems like a tribute/nod to Burton’s old Batman films in more ways than one.

I, too, am hopeful for a sequel series. Will it happen? Gotham was very successful. The way I see it is that Krypton is basically a prequel to Smallville, telling Clark’s Grandfather’s story. There’s no reason there can’t be a sequel series and I wouldn’t doubt if they’d surprise us with something like it. Don’t listen to anyone who says “There won’t be” because I’ve learned that anything can happen so never say never!

I watch it every week since it premiered. The first season is a slow burn, but in hindsight I think that was a very important season. It set the foundation of the villains, heroes, and the dynamics of the show. After the first season, I felt the show was on a roll and never really stopped. The acting has been top notched! Similar to Smallville it meld various eras of comic lore, but delivering its own interpretation with it from Cameron’s Joker to Ben’s Jim Gordon. I felt the show was quite underrated for years.

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Gotham is the rare show that actually improves each season. A big jump from season 1 to 2, but even after that it seemed to really believe in its version of these characters, and was willing to play the long game with its story telling.

Haven’t watched it, but after seeing Krypton here and loving it, now interested in Gotham. Is it good? Have NetFlix, so will see. Why isn’t it here?