Gotham. will DC pick it up on their app and continue the show with all the cast,

Be respectfull

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To start. I love the show Gotham the villains have been some of the best to ever grace the screen in Batman lore. The fact it is over on fox makes me speculate. I’m hearing CW might pick it up and have them on along with Arrow and Supergirl however what if this lovely App wur to get it. Bring back the cast and create a new Batman weekly live action show with all these incredible people we have gotten to witness, I would love for either CW or DC app to pick up this show and make a new series what are your thoughts on it.


Don’t see it happening. The show is about to come to a logical end for what they were doing. I would love Ed and Oswald to appear as else world versions in the Arrowverse.

The answer is no.

It will go to netflix after a week?

Do we know when the netflix deal ends I am so excited for the chaos, I want smallville Gotham an arrowverse here

I’ll be happy when GOTHAM comes to this app but it doesn’t need any new episodes to tell the story it was created to tell which was to be finite anyway in how the city played its part in creating Batman as much as Bruce Wayne’s design and Joe Chill’s crime. There are always more stories to tell in such an expansive world of not just Batman and the DCU but any long running fiction and GOTHAM has been one of those but it’s time to move on to those other ones that haven’t been told yet.


They seemed to be wrapping the series up nicely. In all honesty, five seasons is probably enough. Some shows usually wear out their welcome about now. Better to end on a high note.

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Would like to see it flash forward five years and feature Barbara’s early days as Batgirl.

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I think the cast has moved on from Gotham, there won’t be additional episodes. I would like some characters to show up in other shows, but that would probably only be a one-time cameo role. The seasons usually go to Netflix, then maybe DCU will have them, but I wouldn’t expect it in the near future.

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I wonder if we could one day see a series of two hour direct to video or streaming service movies that would revisit some of the canceled shows we miss.

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I’m mad it was canceled it was supposed to be 7 seasons. They forced them to rush Bruce. But I would love a spin-off

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