Gotham V Smallville

With Gotham now a completed series, which origin series did you prefer?

Personally I chose Smallville. I loved the show and chemistry between characters and seeing the JLA flesh out. The show also had a phenomenal cast who made the show a success.

I enjoyed Gotham and it’s storylines and also think the cast did a great job. However it felt more like a Jim Gordon origin with Bruce Wayne shoe horned into it.

What are your thoughts on the two shows?


In wrote this long post and then it disappeared… -_-

Going to summarize:

Smallville has no comparison. It effectively brought the story in a special way to our hearts. I haven’t seen a show thay even compares to that show. I’m currently rewatching it (starting from season 3ish and onwards). I’m currently on season 7.

Best story arc was Lana and Lexs marriage :scream: OMG. I mean there r so many great moments: lex pimp slapping lana, lana finding out clarks secret after all these years, jimmys death :(, Alicia Baker <3…i mean what’s not to love??

Gotham was just a real bad fart that I’m glad has faded away.



I’d go with Gotham – for all it’s flaws, I think Gotham was far more streamlined and didn’t have nearly as many lows as Smallville, which basically felt like five seasons worth of development stretched out into ten.

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Smallville easily. Lex was a god.


Haven’t seen Smallville yet, but I really like Gotham. I think Gotham is great because 1) they’ve got the best cast ever 2) the main focus of the show is not the protagonist (Jim Gordon), the main focus is Gotham and how it shapes its people 3) the show is absolutely brutal and surprising.


Smallville is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Gotham is ok. Sometimes it can be really entertaining and other times it’s like “eh”. Great cast though.

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Smallville. It’s my favorite live action DC TV series.


Smallville was a gem and, like @Chad22 mentioned, remains one of my favorite shows to this day. Time for a re-watch here!


I pick Smallville because in a way it helped pioneer the path for shows like Gotham by showing that a superhero show could be so much more than just fighting supervillains all the time.


Having just watched the Gotham finale, something that it and Smallville have in common IMO is final episodes that don’t work as well as they should have.

I think the final scene of Smallville’s last episode was perfect, but the overall story dragged.

Gotham’s finale was brisk, but fairly average and didn’t feel like a conclusion to one thing or the beginning of another, more of a “what if?” that the show just happened to end on.

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I was disappointed in the fact that Brice left for a decade to train and we saw none of it.


Gotham. Only because I felt Smallville went too long. First 5 seasons are perfect and better than Gotham. Once he started dealing with Zod, Doomsday, and Darkseid I thought that was too much.

I loved Gotham, and felt like they balanced out the Orin’s of Gordon and Bruce Wayne as the series moved forward. I have not seen Smallville because I was a little kid when that series aired and I do not have Hulu.

I didn’t watch Gotham at all, but I absolutely LOVED Smallville! I actually got to see Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum last year at a convention.

Gotham has a population of millions. Smallville is… a small town. How is this a question?

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Smallville was my jam when it was on but I think it should have ended before he started working at the Daily Planet. Gotham was ok. I enjoyed the episodes without Bruce in them the most.