Gotham Season 5

I just finished watching the 5th season on Netflix. What did y’all think of the show and do you think someone else will pick it up ? :bat:

I enjoyed Gotham. I think it really picked up steam in the second season when they introduced Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange. I know people didn’t like it because it wasn’t exactly like the comics; that it deviated too much from the source material by introducing so many of these characters so early on. As a Smallville fan, I’m no stranger to these complaints. To them I say the same thing I say with any adaptation… think of these shows as their own Earth. You’re not watching a direct comic adaptation, rather, you’re watching how THIS Earth’s history is playing out.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how amazing Cameron Monaghan was as both Jerome and Jeremiah. When he first debuted as Jerome, everyone was talking about him even though he was in one episode. When the second season kicked off and he had more screen time, he was impossible not to watch. As time went on he became a proto-Joker which was cool…but then they brought in Jeremiah who was a revelation. Without total spoilers, I’ll say that while Jerome was fantastic in his erractic nature, Jeremiah was so chilling and calculated. Let that be a testament to Monaghan for pulling off something like that off.

I dug the last episode. While I struggled with a full season of flashforwards this entire last season of Arrow, setting the series finale of Gotham ten years later was brilliant.

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I enjoyed Gotham for what it was, and it definitely improved once they stopped trying to do a gritty cop show that just happened to be set in Gotham City but really leaned into the ridiculousness of the villains. But I think they took it as far as they could, so I have no interest in seeing the show continue on another network or streaming service.