Gotham "Penguin, Our Hero" Discussion

Let us know what you thought of Gotham’s newest episode, “Penguin, Our Hero”. Feel free to talk about anything you want, what you liked, disliked, found interesting, all of it!



Was an awesome episode again! When Harley said puddin got a lil giddy inside. I’m loving everything about this season :diamonds::black_joker:


It made my skin crawl as much as some of the stuff in the Arkham games. This was my favorite episode so far. I wonder what happened in the next room after those kids left Selina and Harley?


Great episode again. So wish fans could revive this series, don’t want it to go. Catwoman & Bruce began the start of their relationship, in the sense of him looking the other way & supporting her decisions, almost no matter what. A theme that will continue throughout their characters histories. 1st Puddin drop in the series too. Still waiting for Dr. Leslie ( or Lee in the context of the show) Thompkins’ return.


I thought that Francesca Root-Dodson did an absolutely amazing job as Ecco! She is just the perfect amount of crazy!

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They went bold with their interpretation. Hats off to them. It occurred to me too that Harley’s first appearance in the main comics line that wasn’t related to the animated series was in No Man’s Land. So they get points for that as well. If anyone hasn’t read NML, I highly recommend Greg Rucka’s novelization of it. There’s so many storylines within that event that they could have done an entire 22 episode season out of it, if they had introduced Batman early in the season especially. Shame it’s only 10 or 13 episodes I think.



I really wish that DC Universe would pick up the series and continue it on here. That would be awesome.

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Slice and dice spudz!!! The mutants are you freaking kidding me thats awesome! Yeah this is such an awesome show we should save it. Hey Wb. Buy this sucker off Fox already, they are selling stuff off dirt cheap. It’s a clearance sale before The Mouse comes in and cleans house. Buy low sell high do it now!!!



I was gonna put we slice a dice on things only DC fans know so many times but kept forgetting. We billy, we slice a dice.