Gotham “Pena Dura” Discussion

What do you all think of last night’s Gotham episode? What did you like, dislike, everything. How would you rank this compared to other Season 5 episodes?

Oh man…thank the Lord Jeremiah is still alive ! He’d be good in movies right ? Imma be so sad when they wrap this season up…it’s such a good show ! :diamonds::black_joker:

Oh crap! The military’s got control of The Riddler! This is going to end well…

Also, glad to see Hugo Strange again. I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of him.

I think Strange will somehow be involved with turning Eduardo into Bane.

It was good to finally find out what was causing The Riddler’s blackouts. I wonder what happened to Lee since Strange had her too.

Also, I love the scenes with Penguin and his bulldog, although I’m a bit worried since bad things tend to happen to those Penguin is close to.