Gotham Knights

When the Dark Knight falls, young heroes will rise….and so will the enemy.

From crimefighters to vigilantes. From vigilantes to heroes. Heroes to knights. Get ready for DC Fandome this October!


I’m just glad we’re finally getting more info on this game.


Which is funny, because everywhere I’ve seen talk about this image was talking about, “Hey Jeff Bezos, is that you?” :laughing:

Which is kind of sad because everyone was comparing him to Lex Luthor not that long ago. I guess losing that space race to that Virgin Galactic guy demoted him in terms of rich evil super-villains.

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I’m just gonna drop this here…



Yes pleaaaase. I need this and the other DC games ASAP! What system(s) do you intend to play this on? :open_mouth:


I plan… on watching other people play through it on YouTube!

Unfortunately, I do not have any gaming systems that are not made by Nintendo. Growing up, video games were never really encouraged much. I was fortunate enough to get the original Wii back when I was 9 (around the time the WiiU was released), and the DSI, and that was about it. Last February my ex gave me a switch lite before our breakup, and I only have Animal Crossing atm :rofl:

Maybe one day when I become more financial independent and am not paying it all towards school, I can get a PC or console that the game is available for, but if the release is soon, I’ll have to stick to the gamers on YouTube. It’s what I do with the Arkham games as well. I’m pretty sure Batman Arkham Videos is the real Bruce Wayne. He has to be lol.


Let me just leave this handy dandy site here for you in that case! I use it to purchase all of my switch games. I don’t pay full price for games 99% of the time lmao.

Ah, I totally understand how that goes. I wish you the best in paying for your school - I’m doing the same and it’s not an easy feat. :raised_hands:

Yeees haha that’s the Batman I love!