:batparrot: Gotham Knights (TV Show) S1 Discussion Thread :batparrot:

Turner and Duela were supposed to have a hot make-out session, not Turner getting sick over the Electrum!!! The Court wants Turner as their new Talon, unexpected, but I like that they brought up the fact that he killed, because Bats aren’t supposed to kill.

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Jerry Robinson park?

Again I hope they do not go the obvious Two-Face route.

Owl sounds like Cullen.

Based on the Owls’ lack of stealth we could just find them.

That distraction scene is awful.

Contrary to what the show says Cullen is clearly the smartest member.

Yes, Cullen. I am brilliant.

He did not look harder because Boss was already doing it.

Please no more pairing Super Hacker and Harper. Their dynamic sucks.

Lincoln is… zzzzzzzz

Actually spiders also hunt bats.

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9 episodes in and honestly, at this point, I’m just hate watching. This show occasionally throws out a smart idea. But the writing, the dialogue, the direction, the acting are all uniformly cringey. I will keep watching but I have given up hope that this will ever be good.


Yes, I think the show is declining as the writers are stalling for the right way to wrap up this mystery. I think most of the interesting ideas were used up early.

I think the early episodes were aided by many of the main characters not liking each other. Now that they are on friendlier terms their interactions are much more boring.