Gotham Knights Plot Twist Prediction

So my prediction is, the Court of Owls is long dead, and it turns out Killer Moth and his Court of Moths has been behind it all and he’s secretly a hyper-competent villain. The brilliance of it is that no one would see it coming.


I would love to see Killer Moth in more than just comics. Really the last time I saw him in something was in a lego Batman game. They need to make the character relevant again and show how cool of a character he really is.


The perfect plot by a diabolical villain like him​:sweat_smile:

(My real prediction it either Bruce is a Talon or the source for cloning the Talons)


Yeah. It’s kind of a predictable twist for Bruce to still be alive. A lot of people are putting that one forward and I feel like as much as I don’t like it since Bruce being dead would be a pretty bold move- I feel it’s very likely you’ll be correct.

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Hey he could stay dead who knows maybe they just want us to think he alive to be surprised when he’s not :thinking: