Gotham Gazette: Should the Titans Forgive Jason Todd? (Spoilers!)

Nobody hurts you like family. Sometimes a family member might disregard your feelings, borrow your stuff without asking or use a bad picture of you in the annual Christmas card. Or maybe they’ll kidnap another family member, surgically attach a bomb to their heart and trick a loved one into pushing the detonator. Totally relatable family drama, right?

You don’t need Dick Grayson’s detective skills to figure out that I’m talking about Jason Todd. The live-action Titans series is currently putting their spin on the Red Hood story and Curran Walters is crushing it as the infamous antihero. Walters’ portrayal of Jason Todd is mean, moody and magnificent, bringing the classic “Under The Hood” storyline to life in a way fans never thought was possible. Some scenes have been taken directly from the comic panels, like the infamous duffel bag filled with heads, but Titans has also gone in their own direction with the storyline, giving viewers some unexpected twists and turns. That’s where Hank comes in.

To read more about Jason Todd’s storyline in the new Titans series, head over to DC Comics!

Do you think the Titans should forgive Jason Todd? Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:


I’ve already put a bounty on Jason’s head.

He’s dead:00_deathstroke:


Reading the headline made me say, “For what.” LOL! I’m sure they can.:slightly_smiling_face:

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What about if Jason Todd fans can forgive Titans? The show, I mean, not the members of the team.


Uh, no. You don’t have to forgive people just because they are close to you and especially if they are family.

People can make mistakes and maybe you can forgive them to a certain extent but I think Jason has vaulted over a dozen+ lines and landed clearly in never to be trusted/forgiven territory.

I do think it’s healthy to let go of the anger you have towards a person for doing the things they do, but imo that is very different from forgiveness. You need to let go of the guilt and forgive yourself more than anything. You can’t spend your life trying to save someone that is actively hurting you, and not interested in changing. However, leaving yourself open to a different relationship down the road is totally on the table but that person really needs to demonstrate that they are actively trying to be different, not just making up for the things they did, but modifying their behavior to prevent it in the future.

They are responsible for their actions,
no matter how you were involved.
You are responsible for your actions,
no matter how they were involved.

This is a very important lesson I’m still working through in my daily life with my mom. She’s a saint in comparison to Mr. Todd of course, but it’s really hard to create boundaries with someone that keeps hurting you in the same ways. You don’t have to associate with your family members just because your related. Distance yourself from the people that hurt you, especially if you have tried to work with them and they keep doing the same things. It’s life changing once you can get over the guilt. My biggest obstacle was other people, and myself, telling me that “she’s your mom, you can’t do that to her, she’ll miss you”. But that’s the thing, she’s my mom, she shouldn’t be hurting me in the first place. She doesn’t earn the right to me just because she raised me. I can hold her accountable for her actions past and present but also put that baggage down for my own health. It’s been a long road and I hope anyone who reads this and is struggling with something similar in their life can connect with what I’m trying to convey. You have to take care of yourself, because you are the only one responsible for that.

If this resonated with you message me and let’s chat a bit. I’m no professional of course but I’m happy to share my experiences in the hopes that they might help you. Take care :kissing_heart:


I think it depends on if Jason has a change of heart and goes towards the anti hero direction like his modern comic version, and if so, I think only Grayson can. I know for a fact that Dawn wouldn’t, and I don’t blame her. I also think the members would have a hard time forgiving him as well. They might for the personal mental clarity, but I don’t expect Red Hood to be invited to rejoin the team. Dick might be the only one, but I think it also depends on where Jason’s character goes. If they are trying to recreate the version from the early 2000s where he became a full blown villain, then definitely not.

This is one of the things that I’m looking forward to with his story. Is he going to realize what he’s doing is wrong and he wants to do better (which I expect a full blown emotional breakdown scene because Curran Walters is good with performing those, especially in season 2), or is he going to stay a villain similarly to the post crisis/early Red Hood version?


To paraphrase the…”bleep Jason Todd”.

He a straight up psycho, murdering,:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

Frankly the show really barfed this up. Just look at how much of a simpering baby they made Bruce. He kills the Joker, fully understanding that this means the Joker wins and then us “later Gotham”. Thomas and Martha would be so proud. Totally asinine. Jason comes back with this drug he developed. Sorry, but A: Jason ain’t that smart. B: the biochemistry of that just doesn’t work.

The only good Jason Todd is a dead Jason Todd. Let’s hope Raven or Donna come back and separate Jason’s head from his neck.

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It 100% depends on if he has been brainwashed or if this is all of his own free will.

Even so, I doubt Dawn, Connor and Gar will ever forgive him.

I hope this happens somehow. It would be a great scene and I really hope he goes into his anti-hero ways vs the full villain he is now. But only time will tell.


As weird as it may seem, I really love seeing Curran have those emotional scenes. Maybe it’s because I really like seeing more depth to his character or I feel like it shows how much Curran is putting into his role. I watch interviews and it is very clear that he loves his role and he does his best to give it his all, and I think about this everytime I see an emotional Jason scene. I also think it’s a nice contrast to the cocky fearless attitude he has as Robin, and I think it could clash with the dark villainy version we are seeing now.


Only if Jason really has been brainwashed by Scarecrow.