They totally Smallville’d us…

I love the show, it’s odd, quirky, funny, dark and sometimes just flat out weird, but I really do enjoy it. The actors have all been amazing, even when the writing was uneven. I’ve watched Ben since the O.C. and after his run on Southland I was ecstatic when I heard the announcement that he was going to play Gordon in GOTHAM. Donal and the rest of the cast are fantastic, and play their roles perfectly.

Tonight’s episode though, kinda bummed me out. The first 30 minutes were great, but after the bomb scene it just started falling flat. The scene with Gordon and Joker at ACE Chemicals you see 2 batarangs and not much else. The rest gets worse after that. It kept building up this anticipation that you were going to see Bruce\Batman, and then you just don’t .

I think the biggest disappointment was that you don’t see any action from Batman. Absolutely none at all.
The Gordon/Joker scene would have been a perfect place to have a stunt double drop in after the first batarang, a smoke bomb, a few punches maybe a kick or two, Joker is taken out, Gordon saves Barbara Lee and Batman zips away. There’s some voice over from behind, maybe? I dunno. I really was expecting some action. This episode was an okay ending to a great show, I just wish that we’d gotten just a little bit more.

I love the show and have totally enjoyed the last 5+ years with the fantastic cast and crew. I wish I could thank them personally but I just hope they know we appreciate all the hard work, even when we complain a little.


I may be daft, but can you not edit posts?

They couldn’t even bother to give Catwoman cat ears at least? Also why did almost no one except for Selina get aged up?

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Also how did this show manage to cram just about every Batman villain into the show except for Two Face?

They didn’t have to age up the adults. Bruce wasn’t Batman, that’s why we didn’t really see him. Fox only gave them and hour for the finale. Most get two and this was always set to be a 7 season show and got cut 2 and a half seasons. For how dirty Fox did them it was great! However, if you look at Twitter Gotham keeps saying one story had to end for a new one to begin…
Spin-off? New Batman series on here or Netflix? :thinking: I hope so and with the same cast.

Go on Twitter if you want to thank them, they’re all just as sad. The writers fought with us to try and save Gotham. it’s so sad and bittersweet on my timeline :sob:

Oh and by the way you can’t be mad at the writers or the show they didn’t want to end it and only an hour but Fox wouldn’t give them any more of a timeframe than that. At the end of the day Fox decided to screw this show over right down to the finale. And they shot themselves in the foot because I with many many others do not watch anything but Gotham on that channel and only watch there reruns of big bang and Two and a half men because it comes on before Gotham.

I don’t believe they Smallvilled us. Smallvilles finale was literally nothing compared to what that Gotham finale gave us. They skimped us on Clarks donning of the suit to literally that LAST CGI moment. At least we got a full batman suit even though it looked a bit cosplayish. And at least we got him talking a bit.

And at least…

Okay nvm. Yeah… They smallvilled us -___-

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Hmmm… Let’s see here.

I don’t quite know what people expected. They baaically told us what they were going to do a months before the episode actually aired lol

It was a great episode, don’t think for one second that one thing could have been changed in the time alotted without sacrificing even more of the flow. Was it rushed? Not really, there was just enough in that 45 minutes to make it feel like they treated each main character equally and respectively.

I really thought Barbara Kean was going to die, I’m curious to what happened to her since. As for Poison Ivy, considering that they already changed through 3 actresses it definitely would have made it worse to get yet another actress in order to just include her.

If you haven’t been following the news in the last few months, I can see how you would be disappointed I guess.

The only thing I didn’t like was how the Joker looked. His design was very poor in my opinion, that’s my only complaint.

I love how shows are not showing to much of Batman these days, makes him feel more legendary and is better than being overused. The less you show, the more mysterious something feels and Batman is supposed to feel mysterious, like the unknown.


I got what I expected and I enjoyed the finale. The show was never going to be about Batman. And if you wanted Batman you would had an older actor playing an adult Bruce Wayne. After all they were people already complaining about Camren Bicondova being pushed out for an older actress in the series finale.

The only real complaint I do have is that the series finale should have been 2 hours.

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Yesss I think they could have done so much with just an extra hour!

They did everything good… we all know a lot about batman, so no reason to show more. Gotham I about the City and how it created villains and heros. The birth place of a lot of personalities.
Why would u want what u already know?!
Batman is a simble and they ended it great.

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Why would you not want to see the show not have to rush to end?

Overall, I was meh. So many things wrong.

  1. Robin’s fat suit was horrible.

  2. Hated the recast. Not Lili’s fault. She did great, but David and Camren ooze with soap style sex appeal and have such great chemistry. Bruce should have confronted Selina as himself. He deserved her anger and will deserve the 15 years of torment she will give him off-screen. But they do love each other and I am sure they will find their way back to each other.

  3. Cameron Monaghan is The Joker!!! If he never plays the proper character on the big screen it would be a huge mistake.

  4. Jim’s lip. Why cut the soup catcher? Should have left it.

The better ending of the show was last week.

Penguin you mean…


(Totally different bird lol)

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Whole thing was bad

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I’ve never seen Gotham and really don’t have any interest in it. But if you don’t even see Batman, that’s just dumb. If this is the end of the show, just SHOW THE FRONT OF BATMAN. At least once. Screw all the referencing.

They did show him full frontal in the last shot but it looked like an amateur cosplay suit


I like the show and I’m cool with just a quick shot of Bats. The show really was about Gordon and this city full of characters, including Bruce, so I’m good.


That was my thought too @Maddox! They had five years to design a Batsuit! And the one they came up with looked like a cosplay costume with David’s chin poorly cgi’d on it! I mean, if we weren’t going to see the suit in action, why not just CGI Batman entirely? Maybe in a variation of one of the Arkham suits? And I’m so bummed they reverted back to black rubber with it!