Gotham Discussion (aka the show that went off the rails 3 seasons ago)

How does one even describe this show?? :laughing::laughing: Where to even begin?? Should we start with “Bane”??

Haven’t seen the newest season, but I get why the show went the direction it did after the first season. In season one, it was basically a police procedural with a well-known IP as a backdrop, The intent was to TOUCH on the Batman mythos, not lean so far into it that you fell in and got soaked. Unfortunately, this turned a lot of people off, ratings dropped and since this was a FOX program- a network with a notorious penchant for cancelling shows that don’t take off almost immediately- the showrunners decided to overhaul the premise and go from being a cop drama, to a full-on comic book show. Thus, the Gotham we know today, was born from Season 2 on.


Gotham did amazingly well at making it’s own canon. Everything within the wotld made sense and felt right. It made great use of Arkham Asylum and Doctor Strange too. Can’t wait for the next 2 episodes to finish the show.

And yes, let’s start with Bane. He uses Venom so he’s already better than Nolan’s horrid Bane on The Dark Knight Rises which butchered the character. What else do you wanna talk about? :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s the exact same as he was in Dark Knight rises only he has Venom . Hell he has the exact same motivation he had in Rises just with Nysa instead of Talia.

Gotham is fun streaming on Hulu & Netflix when you’re bored. It went off the rails season 1.

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And yet in a show with many villains and surrounding characters, we’ve at least got more explanation to his origins than The Dark Knight Rises in which he was the main villain. It makes all the difference in the world to me, to know and see how he was transformed. More interaction and dialogue before the change was great too.

It’s just strange when I see peeps critique the new look and say it’s very Darth Vader when they accepted The Dark Knight Rises Bane who looks very Mad Max.

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Idk what it is about the show… It’s got its moments of grandeur and moments of disappointment. But till this day, Smallville IMO still remains to be the most well written and acted show in comic book television history. I believe it was ahead of its time.

I’ve been seeing some random clips of Smallville on YouTube lately. And I gotta tell ya, each clip draws me in so quickly. So now I’m just spot watching some episodes on Hulu. There’s so much drama and social politics (i.e betrayal, adultery, secrecy etc). A lot of the times you don’t see it coming!

With these new shows today, we get more of a liberty and exploration into thr comic book mythos than Smallville ever had… But they all lack the soul and core of what made Smallville last so long.

Gotham just needs to end already. It’s just a good marriage that turned bad in my opinion. I want a divorce and Gotham can keep the kids!!

I have not seen season 4 and am waiting to binge watch it before I get stuck. I believe with it being close to the end, writers and directors are trying to get in what their vision is. It’s too bad. I do like the show.

I hope they release the final two episodes on the same night

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