GOTHAM Creator Credit List

Only really doing this because it’s Sunday and I’m bored.

In the style of the ‘special thanks’ tags in the credits for every superhero film, I’m going to make a master list of every comic writer and artist who had a hand in creating the characters and/or stories used for inspiration in the recently-concluded Gotham TV series.

This is basically my way of honoring the great work of comics creators across the generations that fueled five entire seasons of a show I enjoyed watching. DC rarely (if ever) does this for their shows, so I might as well take a shot.

I tried to be as comprehensive as humanly possible, even for characters that are only inspired by or are amalgamations of several different characters with the same name. Did I miss any? Let me know.

Here we go:

BATMAN created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane

Special Thanks:

Archie Goodwin
Howard Chaykin
Frank Miller
David Mazzucchelli
Jerry Robinson
Dick Sprang
Bruce Timm
Paul Dini
Mitch Brian
Greg Rucka
Shawn Martinbrough
Dennis O’Neil
Dick Giordano
Steve Engleheart
Walt Simonson
Joe Quesada
Len Wein
John Calnan
Alfred Bester
Paul Reinman
Robert Kanigher
Sheldon Moldoff
Lew Sayre Schwartz
Neal Adams
Julius Schwartz
Jeph Loeb
Tim Sale
Alan Grant
Norm Breyfogle
France Herron
Dave Wood
Scott Snyder
Greg Capullo
John Wagner
Grant Morrison
Andy Kubert
Klaus Janson
Chuck Dixon
Doug Moench
Graham Nolan
Jim Lee
Bob Haney
Bob Brown
Marv Wolfman
Michael Fleisher
Irv Novick
Arnold Drake
Jack Sparling
Kelley Jones
Frank Quitely
Don Cameron
John Byrne
Dan Slott
Ryan Sook
William Dozier
Carmine Infantino
Gardner Fox