Gotham City Location Solved!

The often guessed, but never officially revealed location of Gotham City revealed. At least in the DCAU. Season 1 Episode 5 of Young Justice revealed Gotham City to be between New York City and Boston in Connecticut! Yes I am a little geeked out to pinpoint it!


Oh man Batman’s gonna be so mad at you

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But Young Justice isn’t in the DCAU, right? So this solves the location for the dimension Young Justice takes place in, but now I’m wondering where DCAU Gotham is…

The DCAU has a couple background references to a Gotham State, and Comic Gotham has always (or at least, for a long time) been in New Jersey.

@BatJamags I knew about New Jersey for the comics, but are you telling me that there’s a whole state named Gotham in the DCAU!? Like how the state of New York has New York City?

I can’t site a specific episode, but I’ve seen a couple references to it on TV Tropes, like here:

I think there was one on a different article that gave a specific example, but I don’t remember which one that was.

Oh and hey everybody Batman’s address is 1007 Mountain Drive, Gotham City, 60035

according to DC fandom, Gotham is in New Jersey which is between Boston and New york.