Gotham by gaslight

Wow. Very different from the eals world’s comic. Good but I prefer the original story.


I liked the original story, although not surprised by some of the changes, and changing who the Ripper was I can’t fault them on, would be a predictable ending if they had kept the same killer. But while it was interesting to see Gaslight versions of some of the other Batman characters, don’t know how well some worked compared to others.

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I like the animated movie better. The identity of Jack The Ripper was more surprising and satisfying to me.

I preferred the film. I don’t know if Selina was done justice. I understand the idea that she is a suffragette waiting for the moment, but we didn’t quite get that element as strong as needed.

I loved the Robins. I think that concept is something we should see in regular continuity.

The extension and making Gordon the killer was a great change. Since the actual Ripper was never caught, making him a character that never existed in that historical context is good. Conan Doyle never had Holmes investigate the Ripper either.

Also by making Gordon the Ripper drives home the a truly great detective never lets friendship or association blind him. A great detective follows the evidence to wherever it may lead. No one is ever above reproach.