Gotham by Gaslight Batman

$6.99 at Ross today.


Damn, that’s a good get for that price! Kinda feels like his eyes are staring at me no matter where I go, though, that’s…disconcerting. Maybe not sleep in the same room with this action figure! :sweat_smile:

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…and in the playset from the Justice League movie line alongside a Batman Missions Batman, no less. Cool stuff! :+1:

I’ve seen the Rebirth Wonder Woman at Ross, but none of the others from the Lex Luthor C&C wave yet. For $6.99, I could go for a Vixen to keep boxed.

Thank you sir! Yeah like 3 Ray’s left. I got the 4th. Or the 1st. I dont understand time or numbers.

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Those are just 2 of many. So…many…eyes.