Gotham "13 Stitches" Discussion

What did everyone think of tonight’s Gotham episode? Tell us the good, bad, the in between. Any predictions for future episodes? Also, how would you rank this compared to other season five episodes? Let us know!


Haven’t seen it yet but photo is a huge turn off. Still can’t believe he’s suppose to be Bane

No spoilers, I’m only on episode 5, but is Lee back yet?

Great episode I enjoyed it! Part of it was a little predictable but overall another amazing episode in a great final season. Only complaint is Jeremiah isn’t half as interesting as Jerome


Yes. Won’t spoil anything further than that.

I still can’t believe the season’s already at the halfway mark.

It was alright. Some good moments like Alfred/Bruce and Penguin/Selina. Riddler has an awesome scene as well

Boom boom!

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