Got a friend who hates Superman

Hey guys, I have a friend who hates Superman. One specific thing she mentioned was, how does Superman reconcile having a personal life, when he could be put saving people?

Another thing was, Superman doesn’t seem to use strategy.

Anyone know any comics that address this?

Also, if you know any other comics that are sure to win her over to Superman, please list them!

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I can relate. My brothers are constantly trying to argue with me about heroes. I just won in a Batman argument yesterday. We try to treat things like we are doing a college essay.
The first thing you were talking about is Superman’s secret identity. I think Superman has a secret identity to be among people. He is so powerful that if he was Superman all the time he wouldn’t be able to actually live. He grew up like a normal (normal as in trying to be human) person and I think he doesn’t want to give that up.

Someone could probably guide you to some examples, but generally speaking I think it would be more interesting to see if you can work together to find a character that fits her better.

Hate is hard to overcome and anything is a tough sell against that.

If you find a character she likes, maybe she can find some good sides of Superman herself as he passes by the stories she enjoys.

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I think there was a story arc sometime in the late '90s or early '00s where he tried to be Superman at all times. I haven’t read it myself and don’t know how it was resolved, but that might be a good place to look.

Strategy is a little harder since the objection is so vague in the first place. I suggest What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? That could cover it.

And as a general jumping-on point for a reader skeptical about Superman, John Byrne’s Man of Steel miniseries might be a good place to look.

Overall, though, I find Superman haters to be aggressively unreasonable on the subject. These aren’t the objections you usually* hear, though, so there might be some hope for your friend.

*Things like “he’s overpowered” or “he’s boring” that aren’t remotely defensible if you actually read any half-decent Superman comics, but are used by people as an excuse not to.

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