Good Miracle Monday To You All!

It’s the third Monday in May, so it’s time to wish you a Good Miracle Monday, fellow DCU fans!

What’s that? You’ve not heard of Miracle Monday, the greatest holiday in the history of the DC Universe? Well then, please allow me to enlighten you…

“On Miracle Monday the spirit of humanity soared free. This Miracle Monday, like the first Miracle Monday, came in the spring of Metropolis, and for the occasion spring weather was arranged wherever the dominion of humanity extended. On Uranus’s satellites where the natives held an annual fog-gliding rally through the planetary rings, private contributions even made it possible to position orbiting fields of gravitation for spectators in free space. On Titan, oxygen bubbles were loosed in complicated patterns to burst into flame with the methane atmosphere and make fireworks that were visible as far as the surface of saturn. At Nix Olympica, the eight-kilometer-high Martian volcano, underground pressures that the Olympica Resort Corporation had artificially accumulated during the preceding year were unleashed in a spectacular display of molten fury for tourists who walked around the erupting crater wearing pressurized energy shields. At Armstrong City in the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility there was a holographic reenactment of the founding of the city in the year 2019, when on the fiftieth anniversary of his giant leap for mankind the first man on the Moon returned, aged and venerable, to what was then called Tranquility Base Protectorate, carrying a state charter signed by the President of the United States. The prices of ski lift tickets on Neptune inflated for the holiday. Teleport routes to beaches and mountains on Earth crowded up unbelievably. Interplanetary wilderness preserves became nearly as crowded with people as Earth cities. Aboard the slow-moving orbital ships that carried ores and fossil materials on slowly decaying loops toward the sun from the asteroids, teamsters partied until they couldn’t see. On worlds without names scattered throughout this corner of the Galaxy, where Earth’s missionaries, pioneers and speculators carried their own particular quests, it was a day for friends, family, recreation and - if it brought happiness - reflection.”

–From Superman: Miracle Monday, a novel by Elliot S! Maggin

Miracle Monday is my favorite Superman story of all time, and reading it at an impressionable age laid the foundation for everything I believe about the character. Many other comic book writers point to this book in a similar manner, including Mark Waid, author of Kingdom Come.

It’s a classic and I just wanted to share it with all of you, my burgeoning community. I encourage you to seek it out and revel in one of the best depictions of The Man of Steel (and Lex Luthor) ever.

Good Miracle Monday to you all!


Good Miracle Monday to you! bows courteously

While I enjoy Elliot S! Magin, I’ve not heard of Miracle Monday until now. Where can it be found?



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Taking the day off out of reverence for the founding of that moon city or whatever. I refuse to disrespect Superman by exerting myself.


Person 1: “Yeah, it’s Miracle Monday. I won’t be coming in today.”

Person Dos: “What are you talking about Floyd?”

Person Uno: “Okay, bye bye then. I’ll see you on Tuesday Hoss. Up, up and away!”


Person The First: “Ah, three day weekend!”


I have read the book.


@Vroom: It was reprinted just recently and can be found on Amazon among other places. (Not sure if I should leave merchandising links here or not, otherwise I’d point you right to it.)

It was available in full online for a long time (one of Mr. Maggin’s websites, I think), but I’m unable to find it right now. Perhaps they took it down when it went back into print.

Totally worth the time and money, from my perspective. :+1:

Hello fellow squirrel >:-F


Last Son Of Krypton and Miracle Monday, both written by Elliot S! Maggin, were commissioned due to the simple fact deals could not be struck for novelizations based on the Superman The Movie, and Superman II - The Adventure Continues. These two books were awe-inspiring and delightful when I finally got my copies.

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Yeah, Last Son of Krypton is also a favorite of mine.

As I remember the story, @Misfit, there actually was a deal in place - the deal was that if there was a novelization of the movie(s), Mario Puzo (the screenwriter) would get to write it. Warners didn’t want to go that route, so they asked Elliot S! if he’d like to do something, and he already had a manuscript ready. Both books were marketed as movie tie-ins - with photos and all - but ended up being something completely different.

Changed my life.

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I have read Last Son of Krypton and it was pretty good. I love it’s cover photo of the Reeve Superman.

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