Good lesser known Joker storiess

What are some good lesser known Joker stories? I’ve read most of the really famous stuff.

His ongoing series was interesting.

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He gets his face cut off by doll maker in the new 52 detective comics “faces of death”

Detective Comics #826 is possibly the best Joker story I’ve read to date. Excellent pacing, tension, and characterization.

Robin III: The Joker’s Wild is a good one too, with kind of a similar premise to Detective Comics #826, now that I think about it.

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I really love DC 1st: Batgirl/Joker, which tells the story of Joker’s first encounters with Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain — wherein Cass figures out the only way to really get under Joker’s skin.

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Joke’s Big Boner…



@Zomebedy LMAO

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