Good Batman series to read

I just got the app and wanted to know some good Batman comics to read.

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They just added the Beginning of Tom Kings Batman run (I think it’s under Batman reberth) it’s nearly perfect.

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The batman beyond comics are great

How knowledgeable are you with the character? On the app I’d read Year One, takes place in Batman, Year Two, takes place in Detective Comics, and Year Three, Batman. The Rebirth issues ARE great. I’d suggest All Star Batman by Snyder, but it’s not really one to jump on without some decent back knowledge. Worth reading at some point though🍀


To partially echo @ jgjusmc. The Batman rebirths are an excellent read. It’s tough to miss on most of the Batman’s on here. If u don’t mind Silver age u could start there. Or, as I said, it’s tough to miss. You could skip to any era on the Batman’s on here & it will be good.


I just re-read the Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers run in Detective Comics #471-#476 here on DCU. (In trade paperback, DC titled it “Strange Apparitions”.) It came out in the mid-70s and I remember loving it then! Still love it, but half the reason was enjoying catching a lot of little Batman legacy easter eggs, both graphic details and stories one. Reading it again, it’s high drama and plain-and-simple heroic adventure reminded me of the Batman '66 TV show but WITHOUT the camp and jokes. The series re-introduced Dr. Hugo Strange after a nearly 40-year absence in comic book stories and Deadshot whom everyone’s much more familiar with as a member of the Suicide Squad. It’s old school 70’s Batman that entertaining and a self-contained story arc.


All star Batman was great too.


Death of the Family


I love the Batman issues written by Jeph Loeb & Grant Morrison, also Scott Snyder.

For Jeph Loeb, read Batman Hush, Batman Long Halloween & Batman Dark Victory.


Whole new ballgame now. They just dropped some amazing comics on here today. Batman Black Mirror being just 1 of them.

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Simple read Scott Snyder’s Batman run from the court of owls all the way to epilogue and make sure to read in order

Those are all really good Batman stories, but I think we can all agree frank millers, Batman: the dark knight returns is the ultimate Batman storyline. It’s got everything: a new Robin (Carrie Kelly), an old Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement to fight old villains (the joker and two-face), and Batman fighting Superman for the epic climax

The Long Halloween and Hush are what I tend to recommend to people who want to get most familiar with Batman’s rogues gallery. If you would like the best Batman story(s) either year 1 or dark knight returns all day.

I see Hush as the perfect entry point for Batman. It features:

-Batman drawn at his best
-all of his classic allies (Nightwing, Oracle, Robin and Superman)
-a subtle love story with Catwoman
-spotlight moments for Huntress and Harley Quinn
-nearly all of his main adversaries and then some
-serves as an interesting comparitive analysis on Metropolis when Bruce is there which provides a swell segue into the world of Superman for new readers
-an intriguing adversary
-an intriguing mystery

Hush has it all. You don’t need oodles of tie-ins, to read something else before you read it or any of that jazz. You just need to pick it up, and then find a good place for your jaw to continually hit the floor as you traverse the story :slight_smile:


Vroom: you have me sold on Hush as well. Thank you.

Batman 307 Thu 324.

And I am going to agree with Hush.