Golden, Silver, or Bronze Age?

Just a little observation. I am not saying there is nothing to read on the site (not at all LOL), but I have noticed that weekly new releases for Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age comics have been almost non existent for a quite a while now (unless I am missing something).

Yes, I know, there’s plenty to read from those era. I don’t expect the moon and the stars but when I first joined there was at least one or two of these a month included with new releases. I do hope the service will pick up the pace on these again in the future

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There are lots of eras and comics to upload. Plenty are always going to be missing.

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Hey @TJRtheOriginal, welcome back to the community! :wave:

We have a dedicated thread (linked at the end of this post) where community members can submit their requests to our digitization team for what comic issues and series they’d like to see make their way onto the platform. Community moderators are not involved with the digitization process or team outside of logging and passing along these requests. Please feel free to comment with your requests from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age!

We certainly understand the desire among our community members to see specific comics added and our digitization team does their best to balance these requests with the resources they have available. There are several obstacles to getting comics digitized and added to the DCUI platform (such as legal guidelines) and therefore we ask for your patience and understanding with the overall process.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to let the moderator team know. :orange_heart: