Golden Age Recommendations

Hey Guys! For all of you guys of the Golden Age DC comics, what books would you recommend to read? I would love to start exploring the older books in the DCU Library, but I don’t really know where to start. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately I haven’t read much Golden Age stuff. But from what I’ve heard Batman’s first couple years are pretty dark and gritty, especially for the time. Might want to give those a go.

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I have read from Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman.

I am currently reading from Green Arrow, Green Lantern (one issue on here), Aquaman, JLA, and I will read some Spectre, if it is on here.

Green Arrow and Aquaman were created by Mort Weisinger, and from what I’ve read, he is the most “Silver Age-esque” Golden Age writer.

As for Batman and Wonder Woman, they are both dark for the Golden Age, and this Superman is VERY different than the Superman known now.

I recommend Mort Weisinger’s works, but that is my opinion.

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The JLA is silver age and newer. I’m guessing you meant the JSA, which is firmly rooted in the Golden Age.


Thank you. Yes, I meant JSA. Obviously, I am still thinking of the Silver Age (my personal favorite Age, unless Bronze Age beats it).

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As you get further along in Gardner Fox’s run you’ll start to see some of his '60s JLA style develop.
The ‘breaking up into solos or pairs for individual chapters’ is the most obvious.
But he also would frame a plot or the solution to it around some scientific knowledge that would get explained in the story. Like he was constantly reading encyclopedias for research.


Oh, and I was referring to Fox’s run in All-Star Comics.


Look for the Flash Comics Vol. 1, #1. It is the origin story of Jay Garrick. Then read Showcase (1956-1978) #4. LpAnd follow that with The Flash (1959-1985) #123.

You get 2 origins. One for Jay, the Golden age Flash, one for Barry, the Silver age Flash, and the comic where they meet for the first time in Flash of Two Worlds.


The first year or two of Superman in Action Comics by Siegel and Shuster is one of the best Superman runs. Batman is a little more hit or miss but decent overall.