Golden Age Flash

So the only way I know how to read golden age flash comic, besides online, is the Flash archives, but that’s barely any of em, so, anyone know how you can get physical golden age flash comics without murdering your bank and going to lone sharks?

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I am a Flash comics collector myself, and what I have is the hardback DC Archives Edition for Jay Garrick’s Golden Age Flash. I know they’re fairly expensive themselves ($49.99) but for actual reading purposes, it’s better to get the archive editions than to get the floppies to read since you don’t want to run the risk of damaging the original paper floppies. The archive editions have more comics in them than people realize. Until you get enough money to buy the actual floppies, I would go with the archive editions. That’s what I’m doing so I don’t ruin the floppies I have of Barry’s Silver Age or Jay’s Golden Age.