Godspeed (CW Version)

What’s everyone thoughts on Godspeed? From his first appearance in season 5 and then again in season 6.

I thought he was a bit weak, especially being beat by nora.
His last appearance in season 6 I thought was ok. Looking forward to seeing more of him nxt season. Whenever that is.:grimacing:

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Nora took out Barry on the sports arena though. She holds her own against Reverse Flash and even Godspeed on v9. Her powers come naturally to her under Thawnes guidance. There’s not much that suggests she would be weaker than Barry in the show, rather the opposite.

With that said. Godspeed. I don’t know. They have had so many evil Flashes. Another one that was white. It wasn’t a villain I was interested in. Thawne is the most interesting one of the lot. Godspeed felt forgettable.

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Godspeed felt like a placeholder villain to use until they came up with a better idea, but then they never did. He was never a favourite of mine in the comics, but on the show he’s even worse.


I barely remember him so I think that says enough


Never gave him a chance. It just looked like Reverse Flash with a new coat of paint. Pass.


Perhaps next season they could flesh out Godspeed, so he’ll have an impact when he appears.

I think it’s too late to do yet another speedster villain. If I have one gripe about the early seasons, and believe me it’s a minor gripe, it’s that they should have had every other season have a speedster as the villain. In three years we went from Reverse Flash to Zoom to Savitar. It could have gone:

Season 1: Reverse Flash
Season 2: The Rogues
Season 3: Zoom
Season 4: Grodd
Season 5: Savitar
Season 6: The Thinker
Season 7: Godspeed

And so on.

You could space them out so we don’t get burned out on Speedster villains.

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I dig Godspeed in the comics, sucks that thawne snapped his neck. But I thought they did ok in the last bit of season6. We’ll see how they do him next season