GL Corps

Does anyone think that dc needs a new gl corps comic. Right now you have some of the best green lanterns doing nothing. Kyle, Guy, and Simon are just sitting around. I always liked the comics about the corps. Share your thoughts


Robert Venditti’s Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps was one of my favorite GL runs. But part of getting Grant Morrison on board GL was freedom to do what he wanted with the whole line. It’s up to him whether we see more of the other Lanterns.

I am waiting for some more Simon Baz action


This Blackstars book is pretty good.

It’s Year of the Villain, so I don’t expect that some of the most powerfun heroes in the universe are going to be seen a whole lot.

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Mayhaps season two of The Green Lantern will see Simon and the rest in action. I’d love to see how Morrison would write Guy.


I still need to catch up on Blackstars. I think Morrison exercised way too much freedom. Venditti ran with what John’s left off, and further matured Hal. I felt blindsided with GL Season 1. Not sure how we’ll get the Corp back but I would really like to see Kyle and Simon get some spot light. At least they are still telling Jessica’s story in Odyssey right now. Would also like to see more of the other colors get their tales told. We hit YotV with galactic impact but little mention of the other corps except watching the source wall. Feels like a waste

I will also add that even though it’s not the Corps, Far Sector has been very interesting and is a beautifully inked book.

Speaking of Green Lantern books that introduce new characters, the Green Lantern: Legacy OGN is worth a look.