Giving Up on Doom Patrol

As many of you know, Doom Patrol, like Harley Quinn, has been a go-to series for me since DC Universe began. And it was one of the reasons I subscribed to HBO Max. However, I am about ready to give up on the show.

Rita is my favorite character, but the writers never give her much to do, saving the really great storylines for the other characters. Rita rarely uses her powers extensively, she doesn’t have any relationships outside the Doom Patrol, she doesn’t do cool things. People tell me it’s only a matter of time before she embraces being a superhero. But it’s been three seasons and it looks like this could be the final season! We haven’t even gotten an episode called Rita Patrol, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Jane hogged that episode either. I want to give the show another chance, but there’s no point. Is there any reason I should stick with this show?

Please understand also I’ve been going through a lot lately, but this is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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If it is no longer enjoyable to you then that is reasonable.

I am giving up on Harley Quinn for a similar reason.


sorry to hear it. I get you and i had to ultimately give up on titans, though i do think this season looks like rita and larry’s arcs explored. though i get if you don’t find it enjoyable and have to bail

personally this show meant a lot to me at the time and the premiere today was so beautifully timed personally as i spent all day dealing with something i wish a superhero could take care of

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Personally I live Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn ( as well as Titans ) and look very much forward to them. But not everyone is going to like everything so if you don’t like them, just watch something you do. I know it can be disappointing to like a character ( like Rita for you ), have a show come out with her in it, then the show not do much with her. I think the main problem is her powers are probably expensive to recreate.

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They’ve had an Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man! How hard would it be to create a stretchy woman?


I hope you’re right about Rita and Larry’s story arcs, but I want to ask you: Was one of the reasons you gave up on Titans because Beast Boy barely used his powers. I did read that that was a complaint of viewers. What is the point of shows like Doom Patrol or Titans having a character with cool super powers and not having them use the powers. It’s like if you had a series about The Flash and instead of using his super speed, he took the bus to a crime scene. The Flash, Beast Boy, Elasti-Woman? It’s in their frickin’ names!

I so want to watch Doom Patrol, but can anyone who has seen the first three episodes, without giving anything away, please tell me if Rita did anything cool in those episodes? Would you recommend them to a Rita fan like myself or have the writers again turned her into the Lieutenant Uhura of the show where she barely does anything?

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On the other hand…so many people are talking about how great these first three episodes are. And I have such a tough time deciding things. And…I miss seeing Rita. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve personally really enjoyed Doom Patrol and Rita in it. You’re right in that Rita’s not really using her powers in a traditional superhero show way, but that’s not something that really bothers me.

At the end of the day, I think Doom Patrol is such a phenomenal character piece that really explores each of its main characters inner-struggles very well. Sure, she’s not out there fighting every battle like the stretchy-hero she is in the comics, but they certainly haven’t just ignored her character.

Rita has been a central-figure in the team throughout all of the show’s seasons so far. We’ve seen her grow and struggle and develop on such a personal level in a way that makes me feel satisfied as a viewer and fan.

She’s not a superhero, but neither is anyone on the team really. None of them are really out there fighting battles every episode to save the day. They’re fighting their own demons and pasts as people instead. I think viewing the show as a fun fantasy, sci-fi adventure instead of a superhero show makes it a lot more enjoyable.

If that’s not for you, no worries! There’s still plenty of traditional superhero shows and movies out there for you. But I rather enjoy the unconventional and personal nature that Doom Patrol has taken with its characters and narratives.

Yeah, like I said, I probably will watch it again. Perhaps this coming Sunday, since it appears we’ll be seeing the coming of…Zombie Rita!!!

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