Giving props to community 1.x, it did help create our community...

As we all await Community 2.0, let us take a moment and give respect to community 1.x (and the mods that kept it together.)

Community 1.x had its faults, to be sure. But for as frustrating as it could be sometimes, it did its job. It was integral in creating our real DCU community and the friendships we’ve grown along the way.

Do I anxiously await 2.0? Ab-so-freakin-loutley. But, 1.0 will always be special, even for all its…uhmmm…idiosyncrasies. It helped bring us together, sparked lively debate on virtually all things DC, it gave birth to watch-alongs, book clubs, Answer the Question trivia contests.

While I’m not sure how much it will be missed, for those of us that “thrived and survived” this first year, it will also hold great memories.

Hats off to the mods who kept it running as smooth as possible. (Sometimes I think with spit, bubblegum, bailing wire, duct tape, the power of positive thinking and most of all a lot of hard work.)

Community 1.x had its foibles, but it will remain a legend in the DCU.

In the brief time we have left, what is your fondest memory of 1.0?


@Desade acolyte

Thanks for creating this.

I was hopeing that Community 1.0 would get a respectful retirement from us.

Community 1.0 had its problems. No editing, an auto correction that changed meaning, even if you Copy/Paste you got strange formating, which even if you corrected, would reformat again. Adding images was convoluted.

But we still could communicate fully with it. Its ‘personality’ even added some fun to the posts, made us humble.

The new Community 2.0 is an improvement in many ways, but like you never forget your first comic book, super hero tv show or movie, or first love, we will always remember you, Community 1.0

Long let us remember Community 1.0

Hear. Hear.


I will be going through withdrawal as we wait for 2.0.


I really feel like DC gave us a rough outline of a fan subscription service and said “ok folks, here’s what we are looking to build, now you guys help us fill it out and create something we all can love.”

Really letting the fans create the service the fans want and i absolutely love them for it.

Great things are coming in time. I can smell it in the air😁


I have to say, I’ll miss Community 1.0. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it IS how I was introduced to everyone here. It’s been my first real experience with an online forum PERIOD. Farewell, Community 1.0, rest well old friend. We shall remember you always.


I’ll miss these digs, too. Community 1.X was kind of a ramshackle feature, but it was our home. But I am excited for the future!


Frankly, I hadn’t known until today. An upgrade is most welcome, and the frustrations with not being able to edit posts, and other things.

I subscribed in the first place for DC’s animation. I had not anticipated DOOM PATROL and (sob) SWAMP THING, although I still haven’t gotten too far into TITANS. Yet.


I’ve only used it for a few weeks, but y’all have been such a welcoming bunch. So long lasting warm fuzzies for the short time spent with 1.0 :slight_smile:


Anybody going to change their name to confuse people, thinking about changing it to my Gtag (BeastlyCrawdad).


@Behemoth - I absolutely want to change mine, but eh. It feels kinda weird to at this point.

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If you change your name

All your old threads and post will have your new name.

Try it out if you want.


Oh, thanks for the tip, @TuroksonofStone1950!


I subscribed for the comics, but the Community quickly became my favorite part of this service. I have so many fond memories of Community 1.0 thanks to you all, and I look forward to making many more when the Community returns.


Awesome squid, remember the arrival of the 1000. Ah, good times


I enjoy watch alongs and fan fiction writing (not the best, but I’m working on it).


Why can’t we just have both? Like Reddit, users are able to select “old Reddit view”.
Oh well. Maybe 2.0 will be like the new and improved Titans. Then, Season 3 of Titans would need a Community 3.0. Who’s ready for that?!*

*This post was made in humor and should not be taken seriously.


@TheLegndKillerX How could I forget? Praise the 1000 and its gift of 5!

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To quote the great Grim Reaper. 1.0 see you in hell my friend


Quick!! Anyone who’s never been to that Lab GO NOW! Post often!

Come to the house that Bozea and Don-El built!

Just… don’t step on any Rons!



What three creators claim the creation of the Joker?

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