Given the Opportunity to Write a Comic Book Story Arc...

If you were given the opportunity to Write a Story Arc for ANY DC character which Character would you choose? Why would you choose that Character? What supporting Characters would appear in the Series (Heroes and Villains)? Give a general outline for the Arc and explain which artist you’d choose to pencil, ink and color the story and why you chose them.


Nice try Geoff Johns.


@thedude557.31260 nice reply, Joker.

Lets hear an intelligent and creative response from someone who has vision. If you want to leave the basic putline of the story out, at least talk about your character choices and dream artists. Thanks.

The Spectre. As for the story, I don’t really know but the villain would be Prayala. In the comics she’s the Goddess of the Void. Characters that would appear in it are Phantom Stranger, Michael Demiurgo, & the First of the Fallen.

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@thecbplanets That’s an intriguing idea that I’d live reading. Who would you choose to do the art?

i would love to see a Green Arrow Batman fight and my idea is Joker goes to seattle and starts doing his joker thing since i have read where Green Arrow will kill when forced to and then Batman cuts in saving Jokers life i no very Under the Red Hood but. it would be fun to see the emerald archer and the gothem knight just beat the crap out each other.

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I think I would have to choose as my main character would have to be savitar god of speed (Barry Allen time Remnant version). And the villain the original savitar (the test pilot that got struck by lightning) I would really like to see the storyline where the time remnant got beat by the original savitar and turned into the new savitar creating the time loop.

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For named characters I’d like to see a miniseries where Ra’s al Ghul and Vandal Savage meet and occasionally foil each other’s plans across the centuries and run afoul of some of the other long lived/immortal/historical characters within the DC Universe like Dream of the Endless, Jonah Hex, The Immortal Man, one of Constantine’s many ancestors…the list goes on.

As for new ideas and unnamed characters, I would love to see places that are tied to DC’s big names get some more fleshing out. Some examples would be: a series set in Blackgate Prison where we get a better idea of what life is like for the small time criminals in Gotham, a detailed pre history about Krypton before it became the planet we know, and something that shows what everyday life looks like for people living in Atlantis.


Booster Gold. As for the story, the logline is “Booster goes back in time to stop the Death of Superman. He #%^&s it up and Superman dies for good.”


I’d love to do an ensemble book focusing on some of the younger Gotham heroes. Batman, Nightwing and Oracle makes appearances and stuff, but Jason, Tim, Cass, Stephanie, Damian, Colin Wilkes, and Duke Thomas are the main cast- side characters being Gavin King, Dinah Lance, and Helena Bertinelli. Also Colin Wilkes ends up bunking with Red Hood and changes his name to Wreckage because Abuse is the stupidest name for a superhero I have ever heard. It would also work out an arc where Batman and Jason finally find a peace in working with each other despite their different methods- I mean, Batman exists because of the corrupt police force and yet later in his career he has no problem working with them even though they definitely kill people who aren’t nearly as evil as the ones Red Hood kills- and Red Hood spends literal hours staking out and ensuring the people he kills deserves it. It’s more than possible for them to co-exist in the same city.

I’m not as familiar with the artists and I can’t name many of them by name, but I am fond of Marcus To and Dustin Nguyen, though I definitely prefer his Li’l Gotham style to the more realistic one he did in Streets of Gotham.


I think DC needs to bring back romance books. I would pitch one called Green Lantern’s Light, which would be the Earth based GL book. Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu would be the leads and they would be struggling with loving each other despite all their past hurts. The main plot would involve them moving to Metropolis together and her starting work under a human disguise at the hospital and him focusing on creating art instead of saving the day. It’d be a rare book where they are trying to NOT be superheroes. That doesn’t work out too well.

Ryan Sook on art :slight_smile:

Anyways, raise your hands if Kyle is your favorite GL! There are dozens of us! Dozens!

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The Riddler. A complex Batman mystery, but from Riddler’s perspective. It could be like a heist movie, or those Sherlock Holmes movies. Have Riddler work through and construct an elaborate plan and watch it play-out through Riddler’s eyes. I don’t know if that exists. It probably does at this point. But it could be a good idea.


I will consider myself a failure as a writer if I don’t one day land at least one Nightwing story arc.

Would love to see a miniseries connecting all the dc heroes and villains with a tie to Egyptian mythology. Dr Fate, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, Isis, Black Adam, Golden Pharoh, Ibis, etc in a grand adventure, the Mummy meets Raiders of the Lost Ark. Carter and Shiera Hall are archeologists btw.


I would do dick grayson have him be in a university while being nightwing but he has a boyfriend that’s father is a big time violin also batman will talk to him about the relationship and say you cant date him but dick does and he loves the relationship also have all the bat family with him and he is trying to take down his boyfriend father but not trying to hurt him

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I will never get tired of Harley and Ivy stories, but I know there are DC fans who are tired of Harley Quinn and wanna see more solo Poison Ivy. What I’d like to have is another Poison Ivy mini-series, where she’s gotten to the point that she’s sick of people thinking of her as a joke who’ just some tree hugger. She considers herself a hypocrite for making Harley independent, yet always spending so much time around Harley, so she leaves her and starts executing more and more extreme schemes to stop people from harming plant life. At some point, Harley would enlist the help of Batman to keep her friend from doing something she’ll regret. Then, at the end of it all, Harley tells Ivy that having friends isn’t a weakness and you can be independent and still have others there for you.


Sushi volcano I really like that idea. But before I comment I want to say I’m not a huge Harley or poison ivy fan. But I really like the idea of going into Posion Ivy’s mind. Like really find some underling reason for her actions. Like maybe not go so far in the past to retell her story but explain the way she is on an everyday level. I think someone like Tom king style would just crush a story like that.

I would love to write a Batman arc that focuses on his earlier days, around year 2, and really hones in on the realistic aspects of being Batman. The arc would focus on both the physical and psychological toll that’s being taken on Bruce Wayne. Also, it would be a nice opportunity do a refreshing take on some classic Batman character like Two-Face (who’d be the main villain, by the way), Ventriloquist, Poison Ivy, and maybe Harley Quinn too. I would go for a Tom King meets Alan Moore kind of approach, while also making it something original.


A single arc out of continuity revolving around Alfred. He was hired as a butler and bodyguard, and two days before the death of Thomas and Martha a meeting at Wayne Enterprises has Thomas worried. Once they die Alfred goes out looking for justice starting with those present at the meeting. While all this is going on he has to deal with a grieving Bruce.
Maybe to keep Bruce from finding Alfred injured (or his gear) Alfred scares Bruce out of a room…some how (not yet determined) Bruce thought it was a giant bat.

Also, it explains why Alfred went along with Bruce’s crusade - he did the same thing.


A few years ago, an artist friend e-mailed me about doing a fan-comic based on our favorite Batgirls (his is Steph, mine is Cass), because at the time, they were in limbo (and boy, do I wish they’d stayed there) and we were neither of us thrilled with DC’s New52. I won’t get into those details, or the story ideas I had after that.

However, I will say that I would like to write stories concerning Cassandra Cain. But first things first; must clean up a few messes. Namely, ditching that awful new origin DC gave her, and expunging certain other, shall we say, cankers. One way I’d like to go about it is thus: Superboy Prime is tired of villainy, and wants to redeem himself, but can’t figure out how. Then an idea strikes him. He locates his target and deals a mighty super-punch to Harper Row’s face, shattering her out of existence. As a result, the Eternal books never happened, Cass gets her original origin and Dad back, and it’s basically like Flashpoint never happened for her. And in the background of at least one panel per page, Stephanie Brown is beating Dan Didio with a rusty drain pipe.

I don’t know what artist I’d get for that, though.

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