Girl Power

Sara Lance or Ava Sharpe they are both pretty awesome/cool but I was wondering what my fellow arrowverse fans thought.

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Not a fan of the couple, but I do think Sarah is the best part of Legends. Sarah was also my favorite character on Arrow, in fact I dropped Arrow never to return when they killed her off.

I liked Sarah enough on Arrow but hate her on Legends. Ava is whatever

I liked Sara on Arrow (before she was killed off) more than I do in Legends, but I have no beef with her relationship with Ava Sharp.

Legends is just not one of my favorite shows. I think it has a much greater potential than it achieves though. If they would all just stop acting like children, or clowns, and grow up, it would improve the show. I am also not a fan of mythology and magic story lines.

The Sara and Ava Sharp characters are among the more rational ones on the show though.


Sar’ bear for me.