Getting to know: Deathstroke

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Powers/Abilities: Master tactician with Special Forces training; experimental gene treatments boost strength, speed, toughness, mental acuity, and healing rate to superhuman levels; skills and enhancements allow him to anticipate and avoid enemy attacks.

Debut: New Teen Titans (Vol. 1) #2 (Dec. 1980)
Real Name: Slade Wilson
Allies: Lex Luthor, Team 7, The Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Lobo, batman, Jericho, Majestic, Legacy, Suicide Squad

Slade Wilson joined the US Army when he was 16 and was an exceptional soldier which he proved time and time again. earning decorations for valor in combat. He was then selected for the covert- operations unit Team 7, and received experimental genetic enhancement treatments that boosted his physical capabilities to superhuman levels. He married his military trainer, Adeline Kane, and they had two sons, Grant and Joseph. Slade then quit the military to work as a mercenary, adopting the codename Deathstroke. Slade earned a reputation for ruthless efficiency but also made many enemies. Adeline and Joseph were seemingly killed when gunmen attacked their home. When Grant Wilson grew up, he became ravager and fought alongside his dad, but tragedy struck on a mission in North Korea: Grant was gunned down in an ambush, while Slade lost an eye. Deathstroke later had a daughter, Rose, who became the new ravager. Wilson then learned that Grant, Joseph, and Adeline were still alive. Joseph had gained mind-control powers as a result of the governments Majestic program, but the process had driven him insane. Now calling himself Jericho, Joseph used his powers to turn Adeline and Grant against Deathstroke. In the ensuing battle, Adeline was killed and Deathstroke had to eliminate Grant to defeat Jericho. Slade then served in the Suicide Squad, but betrayed them for money. The enigmatic Red Fury restored his youth, healed his eye, and revealed that Jericho was alive.

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