Getting Into Comics

I would like to get into comics but don’t know where to start. Can somebody please give me some tips or possibly even a reading order to follow?

What characters are you interested in?

The Bat-Family, the Super-Family(includin the new, Chinese Superman, the Flash-Family, any vilans, any teams. I also like the younger, teenaged characters because I, myself, am a teenager.

Do you mean the comics that are only on here or just comics in general? It would start with Rebirth. Or pick one of the collected series on here. Most are pretty much self contained if you have a basic understanding of the characters. Also start with one of the characters that you are most interested in.

Most are self contained and require basic knowledge of the characters

For Batfam:
-Batgirl year one and Gail Simone’s Batgirl
-Robin year one
-Batman both Snyder’s Court of Owl and Batman Eternal
-Grayson by Tom King

-Superman Birthright
-Superman american alien
-Superman for all seasons
-Superman by Peter Tomasi

Younger characters:
-Teen Titans by Geoff Johns
-The new teen titans by Marv Wolfmann/George Perez
-Young Justice by Peter David

-Forever Evil

Most comics here you can just select and start reading to be honest. Those are just some that what I would recommend.

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I’d prefer comics on here to start, but I can get others from my local comic shop if I get a job soon.

Adding to what E.Dot said, also make sure you read Batman Year One, Death in the Family, and Under the Redhood, All Star Superman. Death of Superman, Reign of Superman.

Turtle let me know if you want anymore advice! I’m here to help!