Get Yourself Out of This Pickle: DC Heroes & Villains

“Get Yourself Out of This Pickle” Game

Create a tricky scenario (aka “a pickle”) for a DC Hero or Villain… to be solved by the next person who posts.


  • The Joker is trapped in a locked refrigerator. How does he get out?

  • Aquaman is stranded in a volcano with no water nearby. How does he escape?

  • Batman is being attacked by a ghost. How will he fight back?


  • Be kind!
  • Be creative!
  • Have fun!

Nth metal gloves. Batman can punch anyone with Nth metal gloves.
Batgirl walks into a bar. Then falls down in public. How does she escape this embarrassment?


Smoke bombs!

Batman locks the keys to the Batmobile in the Batmobile!!. How does he get them out?


Alfred always carries a spare set of keys.

Martian Manhunter shapeshifts into a rock, and a nefarious villain uses psychic powers to make him believe he really is a rock! Who can rescue him?


Geo-Force, who’s powers manipulate rocks, finds he has no effect on the Martian Manhunter Rock, therefore he cannot be a rock! The physic trap is defeated by the power of logic!
Green Arrow partied a little TOO hard with Hal last night, and the two ended up rearranging/relabeling all his arrows. Now Ollie can’t remember which arrow is which, and Merlyn just showed up for a duel to the death (else he’ll blow up Star City)! How will Oliver survive THIS time?


Green Arrow partners with The Flash, using his super speed to shoot all of the arrows at once. One of them is bound to hit the target and save Star City!

Black Canary and The Oracle have been captured and sent to a secret wing of Arkham Asylum, under the direction of Doctor Hugo Strange. How will they break free before he can begin experimenting on his new “patients”?


Well, the Professor has probably taken away any communication equipment, so if they want to get word outside to locate and dismantle the facility, I suppose their only chance would be to just yell really loud. Luckily, Dinah is actually very good at that.

Green Lantern has been hit with a bad dose of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin and can’t use his ring properly. Problem: this happened in space, while he was fighting Mongul.


Green lantern overcomes the fear by harnessing the fear, and gains a Sinestro corps ring, using it to take down Mongul

Problem- Green lantern has accepted a sinestro corps ring and is on the loose, who will help him break free and return to the GL corps???


The human lanterns of earth would team up on him, and force the ring off his finger.

Calendar man is in a hole. No reason, except he decided he wanted some hole time. How’s he gonna get himself out this time?


Calendar Man would wait for Groundhog’s Day and pop out of the hole with Punxsutawney Phil.

Penguin has been frozen into an Antarctic glacier by Mr. Freeze with no henchman nearby to save him. How will he escape?


Inside the Penguin’s umbrella is a sonic device which summons a flock of his namesakes, which huddle together to thaw the ice surrounding him.

Calendar Man wakes up the next morning after his escape to find himself back in the hole again, and it’s still Groundhog Day! His escape plan works fine, if only he can just get out of this time loop.


Booster Gold and Ted Kord show up in the middle of Calendar Man’s time loop, declare “excellent!” and zap him out of there.
Luthor has stolen the powers of Mr Mxyzpltk and used them to erase Superman from existence! Who will undo this disaster and how!?


Working with The Flash, another dimension Superman goes back in time to save the other Supermen from being erased!

Clayface gets thrown into an industrial strength cement mixer. How will he get out?

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A little blob of Clayface is spun out of the cement mixer, and it grows into mini-Clayface! Mini Clayface destroys the mixer and let’s out the big guy.

Plastic Man becomes entrapped in a comically large taffy puller. And the twist: everyone’s too annoyed with him to help! How does he get out


Plastic Man Taffy is sold to stores all over the world. A month or two later, Plastic Man finally reforms himself, albeit a bit more cranky than usual.

Someone has hacked Bruce Wayne’s bank account and stolen every cent, making Bruce dead broke! How does Batman recover his fortune?


By asking Oracle to hack the thief’s account and stealing the money back.
Robin has been turned into a literal Robin by a magical fairy princess. (I would love to see Damian suffer that atrocity.) how does he change back?


He doesn’t.
If he did, it would be the magic of raven

Someone moved oracle’s wheel chair to the front porch. How is she gonna get outta this one?


She keeps a spare, and failing that can probably just crawl in a pinch. Or Dinah/her dad/Dick/Bruce/whoever can bring it in next time they visit.

Doctor Psycho really wants a cookie but someone left the cookie jar on the top shelf.


Doctor Psycho uses his telepathic powers to make the next passerby take the jar down and slide him a few cookies.

Powergirl has been sent back in time and is now stuck in Kamandi’s world (with only broken technology)! How will she get back to the present?

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Power Girl spins the Earth around all Richard Donner-liie until she lands back in the present.

Deathstorm turned the walls of Superman’s house into Kryptonite while Big Blue was asleep, and Lois is out on assignment to Kandaq.