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In celebration of National Daughters Day later this month, let's discover Backlash: daughter of Backlash!

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Jodi Morinaka Slayton

Character Profile

Main Alias: Backlash

Other Alias: Jet, Crimson

Alignment: Good

Powers & Abilities: Kherubim(alien)/Human Hybrid
Superhuman Speed: can run up to 225 mph
Superhuman Reflexes: can dodge bullets and short-range attacks
Superhuman Agility: can attack and direct her body with superhuman accuracy
Immortality: Kherubim are extremely long-lived
Superhuman Durability: super-hard and dense skin compared to a normal human
Accelerated Healing: if ever harmed, can heal rapidly
Martial Arts: expert martial artist

Weapons: Kusarigama (Pictured above), Shuriken (throwing stars)

Father: Marc Slayton - Backlash
Mother (deceased): Lynn Morinaka
Brother: Aries

Affiliations: WildC.A.T.s formerly Wildcore


Check out her 4 issue miniseries as Jet:

Her 6 issue adventure through the Wildstorm Universe as Backlash:

Her time as Crimson with the Wildcore team:


  1. What version of Backlash is your favorite?
  2. Do you know of other comics Jodi makes an appearance in?
  3. What do you think of her taking up the mantle of her father as Backlash?


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I don’t think I’ve read anything with either character. Should be interesting to try.


I’ve read precious little with Backlash, so I’m eager to dive into these selections, especially Wildcore, which has been on my WildStorm reading list for at least a decade.


Jet was a fun series. It seemed to be out of the main Wildstorm universe but then again, I haven’t read a crazy amount of Wildstorm at that point.