Gereration Zero? I NEED MY WALLY WEST FIX!

WHat is the best reading order for Wally West, I.E. Heros in Crisis, Flash FOrward, Flash 750+, (Do i need Wonder WOmen 750) and what is the story with the Generation Zero Titles?! I Dont understand the reading Order and Wally 1 is MY FAVORITE. I NEED THE FULL RUN IN COMIC FORM! Has the Generation Title been released? Are the Generation Titles Available but why cant I find them anywhere? PLEASE HELP!!!


Wally is the heart and soul of the DCU. He’s been crapped on for years (the Didio years) and he’s in a strange place right now. But the best place to start with Wally is his Flash #1 (Vol 2, 1987). Don’t worry about all the upcoming 5G/G5 stuff, just enjoy his book which features amazing runs by Waid and Johns. This is where Wally West becomes the greatest hero of the DCU!


Forget.about Generation.Zero and that stuft. It may never happen.

Ignore Heroes in Crisis. It was a good idea horribly executed.

Start with DC Universe 1 one shot, then Titans 2016. Go no further.

Wally was a Justice League member for many years. Consider 1997 JLA the Original Big Seven return (Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern and Wally West as Flash) with epic plots. By Grant Morrison.


Also go back and read Wally’s run in Justice League Europe when William Messner-Loebs took over the writing. He helped clean up Wally’s act so our dear mr. West wasn’t an HR nightmare waiting to happen,


If Wally is your favorite, my suggested reading order is just to go back through Mark Waid’s Flash and do your best to ignore anything post-2016.

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Thank. The suggestions are great, I’ve beeen collecting Flash since the 90s RELIGIOUSLY. And we all know Wally is Really HELLA faster than Barry(not that we dont all love the whole Flash family)
I’m so super locked in to my collection, even if it’s a bad read. I still want to make sure there are no guapa in My collection.
Big Up to Wally Running with Justice League Europe!!!

JLE Wally was Crucial!